SearchTeam – real-time collaborative search engine

SearchTeam is a great way for students to collaborate on their research. I find that while many students may use searches to find information, they aren’t always the most efficient at finding the best information. Searching as a team and compiling useful links or search terms could help students to see what works well. Using SearchTeam could open up a lot more discussion about how to find the right resources when searching online.


via Free Tech For Teachers

2 thoughts on “SearchTeam – real-time collaborative search engine

  1. I found SearchTeam to be incredibly useful for my group projects. SearchTeam allows me to search along with my classmates all in one place where we can store our search results in one spot but also save, edit, organize, and discuss our results all in this one application. Also, starting to use SearchTeam was easy as I just connected via my Facebook account, but you can also connect using Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. SearchTeam streamlined my school work. Previously, I had to use several web applications to do projects (like search ones, organization, discussion, file sharing, etc.), but SearchTeam puts these all in one place.

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